Classic love story.  These two work across from eachother in the mall and everyday their co-workers would bug eachother “when are you going to ask her out?” and “why don’t you just go over there!” After meeting Marilena and Vince, I can just imagine this cute scenario so well.

The ceremony was held at the old Craigflower Schoolhouse, an adorable vintage building built in 1885. They still had the desks, with a little chalkboard on each one! What a great location.Marilena’s “something blue” were in the form of  stunning color contacts that just made her eyes pop – which is what Vince’s did as she walked down the aisle!   Vince was my first teary groom this year – it was so sweet, like they were just lost in each other. I get so touched by other people’s weddings that I just know I’m going to bawl at my own someday!

Marilena’s Italian parents were the quirkiest and cutest couple. They didn’t say a word, just spoke italian softly here and there and watched the proceedings with a mixture of approval and love. They still hold hands, and I just love that – this is totally Marilena and Vince’s future as well, I can see it!

Special thank you to Adriana Durian, who helped shoot this wedding. You can see her angles here.

Marilena & Vince {wedding}



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